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Creating life together

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About us

The Lighthub Sardinia is a community network that makes
local projects and businesses visible to the world.


Here you can connect to local producers, community projects, learning hubs, healers or practitioners.

Here you can find updates about events, gatherings, workshops or retreats.


Our aim is to initiate a multicultural & multigenerational network of people that are creating new projects or businesses that foster connection, joy, beauty,
co- creation and healing here in the North of Sardinia.

This network connects people and projects in this region and at the same time offers visitors to connect directly with this growing community and its activities.

Image by Helena Lopes


We are offering a safe space for everyone to explore and BE the most authentic version of themselves.

We are creating joyful and nurturing events, festivals and retreats for healing, connecting and celebrating life.


We are connecting people and places in Northsardinia to co-create, grow and flourish together.


We believe if everyone is living the most authentic version of themselves a new way of living together is possible.

A togetherness based on authentic connections, freedom and trust.

Image by Kyle Glenn

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Would you like to be part of this co- creation hub and offer your own workshops, events, retreats, gatherings or healing / practice sessions here in the North of Sardinia?

Would you like to make your own projects visible to visitors and network members?

Would you like to connect to other members of the Lighthub?

Then become an active member of the Lighthub Sardinia...

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