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By becoming a member you will support our vision for Sardinia and you will be part of this growing community here in the North of Sardinia (Gallura).


Stay up-to-date. Connect, meet & co-create with us.

Let's create a beautiful future together.


Become a member

By becoming an active member of the Lighthub Sardinia you will have access to a private Lighthub community Telegram group in order to connect with other community members, exchange and co-create life here in the North of Sardinia.

You can also advertise your own activities / events / offerings in the official Lighthub Telegram public channel and WhatsApp public channel.


Benefits of being a Lighthub member

  • gain access to a private Lighthub community Telegram group

  • start co-creating with other community members

  • advertise own events, gatherings, retreats or business through the official Lighthub Telegram channel and make it visible to visitors


As a Lighthub member you can use other Lighthub marketing channels (Instagram & Facebook) as well as this website to advertise your own businesses / events / retreats or community offerings into the world like a lighthouse. For individual pricing options, please contact us via E-Mail.

Lighthub Cooperation

Our aim is to create a lively & colorful community network and therefore,

we would like to also support YOU with your talents, gifts and offerings.
If you will be living your fullest potential you will automatically add value to this network and enhance the quality of our community life.

Hence, we would like to support YOU.

We do have a monthly co-creation lab, where you can meet other members and learn, grow and co-create events, workshops or retreats together.

Co- creation

For any other cooperation and co-creation ideas, please get in contact with us or visit our monthly co- creation lab.

Become a Lighthub member

Join our membership and get access to our exclusive Lighthub Sardinia Community Telegram group to connect & join the community activities.

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