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What is the Lighthub?

Lighthub Sardinia is a growing network of people, initiatives, projects and businesses in Sardinia (currently primarily in the North of Sardinia, around the area of Aglientu and its surrounding villages), that are forming a union to foster physical & emotional well- being, authentic connection and joy.

It is a new way of living, working and creating together. A togetherness that is built on authentic connections, emotional freedom and trust.
Its main aim is to create an upwards spiral for everyone to benefit and create a new living environment for us humans to thrive and live our fullest potential.
The Lighthub offers the space to explore ourselves, our talents and hidden potential, so we can all BE and live the most authentic version of ourselves.

The island of Sardinia already holds a nourishing and potent healing space itself with its vast and untouched nature facilitating pure magic, when it comes to deepening the connection to ourselves and mother nature. Hence, it is crucial for us, that the network and its projects promote a sustainable way of co-creating with nature, reducing the human impact and creating in harmony with nature.

The Lighthub network is a place that reinforces a sustainable way of working, learning, growing and creating together in love, peace and harmony.
It is a network of authentic locations, events, retreats and meeting- points for us humans to meet, connect, exchange, co-create, learn and grow together on a deeper level.
Healing ourselves in order to create this new Togetherness is one of the key elements of this network, based on self- reflection, emotional health, abundance and an open heart, which we will first have to cultivate in ourselves, in our relationships, families and then in our communities.

The Lighthub Sardinia supports and connects these projects and communities of people that are following and living from the heart here in Sardinia.
It is a lively network of offers that bring well- being, healing, joy, peace and this new way of Togetherness to the community. Creating a nourishing environment for people to thrive, enjoying life together and cultivating a connection from the heart.

The network is nurtured by its community members, who are following their heart and passion and this collective vibration is sent out to the world like a lighthouse by making local projects, businesses and communities visible to everyone.


We are happy that you found your way here and we are looking forward to meet and connect with you here in Sardinia on one of our gatherings, events and projects ❤️
For any cooperations, ideas and co-creating impulses feel free to contact us.



We believe in a world of peace and happiness.
A society build on trust, love and abundance rather than a society build on fear, lack and exploitation of human capital and natural resources.  
We strongly believe that THIS is possible for this world.
Yes, this might sound very ideological, but we do live in a time now, where we do have the knowledge, capacity and resources to turn everything around and create the balance on this planet by creating the balance in us.

The way for this change to happen, starts with each one of us individually.
It starts with YOU and within YOU.
Self responsibility, emotional health and emotional autonomy are key elements
to cultivate this change IN US.

Healing our emotional wounds & early childhood conditioning, plus integrating a healthy way of handling our emotions by FEELING rather then REACTING to our environment we can create a fundament on how a new society can be build and a new system can be created to allow any human to thrive in a sustainable manner.
By healing our emotions, we can naturally increase physical well- being and people will live from a creator state of being bringing innovation and peace, rather then living from a survival mode, which brings conflict and violance.

Self- responsibility and the healing process of YOURSELF is a key element to it. 
Therefore, we are creating healing spaces and opportunities here in Sardinia, which will open your heart again and increase your inner trust in yourself and life. 

We came together here in the North of Sardinia to build projects that allow us to explore innovative ideas of co-living, co-working and co-learning that are giving space to the integration of emotional health in a system in order to a establish a new Togetherness of being and living in authenticity with each other on our beautiful planet earth.

We want to create projects, businesses and initiatives that are aimed at serving us humans and our physical & emotional well- being. At the same time we would like to establish a new harmony between humans and nature in order to create a sustainable future for our children.

The Lighthub gives space to explore and BE the most authentic version of ourselves by creating a network that allows each member to be seen with their talents, business, project, activity or creative offer. We would like to create a platform to give people more visibility with their heart- led business or project.

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