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Projects in Northsardinia

Here you will find some of the projects that might need your support...

Lighthub  Logo m. Sardinia - mit weißem Hintergrund (002).png

Lighthub Sardinia

A region becomes a village - growing together as a community.
And it needs each one of us to add value to this growing Lighthub network by co- creating a vibrant, creative and joyful life for all of us together.


La Contra

An eco- village surrounded by untouched nature 

near the village of Aglientu.
Creating a community life, which gives space and at the same time allows authentic connections.


Logo La Contra Sardegna - mit weißem Hintergrund.png

Please, feel free to contact us via mail, if you would like to be part of the Lighthub Sardinia and advertise your own projects on this website.

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