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Women Holding Hands
Creating a vibrant, colourful and joyful life together

Creating a network of people, projects and businesses that are located in the North of Sardinia.

Connecting people that are following their heart and came here to Sardinia to create a new togetherness in trust, self- responsibility and emotional freedom.

Team Hugging


A community life that is exploring innovative and sustainable ways to live together in harmony with each other and nature.

A space for people to meet, connect and co-create.

A multi- cultural & multi-generational place that connects everyone, enabling all of us to learn and grow together.

Co- working & Co- creating

Creating a platform that allows co- creating and co- working  with each other. A space, where you can share your business, activities and offerings with the community.

Image by Syed Ahmad
Image by Sonnie Hiles


We are aiming at creating sustainable and innovative structures that allow people to thrive and follow their passion, heart and happiness in harmony with mother nature and fellow humans.

Community life

We would like to promote an environment for everyone to benefit and thrive by offering activities to the community as well as attracting more people to join the community in order to create all year around jobs and business opportunities for locals and people that moved to Sardinia to live a heart-centered life in harmony with nature.

Main area of the current
Lighthub Sardinia Network

It is a world full of opportunities, if you are open to see them.

What is needed NOW for this vision:

Investors, entrepreneurs and courageous people that are feeling the connection to Sardinia

and share the vision of a new togetherness based on authenticity, trust and freedom.

People that would love to support this vision and join the community.

This network here in Sardinia can serve as an example for what is possible when people come together with a common vision and joined energies with a common goal.
It can serve as a multi- cultural & multi- generational pilot project that shows that it is possible to create a integrated community life where everybody can benefit of.

A life in which children & elderly are naturally integrated by creating a space for isolated people to connect and thrive as a new founded community.
Growing together to a lively community by creating nourishing environments for the residents to thrive.
A new way of Togetherness build on love, trust and authentic connection.

If you are feeling this vision in your heart...

If you would like to support this vision...

If you would like to be part of this growing community here in Sardinia...

Or if you simply would like to stay connect to this network and come and visit us...
...then we would be happy to welcome you as a member in our network:


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